[The Alchemist (Interview)]
[The Lost Children of Babylon Series #6]

Interview Date: 05th September 2010

Published Date: 25th November 2010

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader

Special thanks to the Ancient Kemet


The Alchemist, derived from the Arabic word "Al-kimia", is both a philosophy and an ancient practice focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold, investigating the preparation of the "elixir of longevity", and achieving ultimate wisdom. It involves the improvement of the alchemist as well as the making of several substances described as "possessing unusual properties". Not to be confused with The Alchemist from Mobb Deep or Eminem's camp, The Alchemist in question here is the second name to the member of Lost Children of Babylon commonly known as Ancient Kemet. Kemet which refers to the Egyptian name for Ancient Egypt. But we are talking about music and an artist here, not necessarily about Egyptian mythologies, the Pharaohs or their pyramids, or is it? 

Well the answer to the question above is true on both sides, Ancient Kemet the artist can be viewed beyond music to the literal meaning of his name and aliases. Ancient Kemet is one of the founding members of the Philadelphia based underground hip-hop group; The Lost Children of Babylon, or Lost Children of Egypt as they were later called. The group's original incarnation consisted of just Rasul Allah, Richard Raw, Breath of Judah, Cosmic Crusader and Ancient Kemet, but with the progression of the group's structure and development, some of its members have left and new ones joined, the remaining original members that were there from the beginning are now; Rasul, Ancient Kemet, Cosmic Crusader and Richard Raw who were later joined by Atun Sen Geb, and most recently Fdation members Lex Starwind, and Jon Murdock. 

The current LCOB series carried out is to enable the fans to get up close and personal to each member of the group and get to know them better especially with as its a large group. LCOB has over time grown into a worldwide phenomenon with a certified brand name (following the footstep of one of their influences; Wu-Tang Clan), with each member bringing something different and unique to the table that completes the LCOB circle.

This week's guest, Ancient Kemet, was for some reason not very visible on their latest albums, find out why, also get the chance to hear first hand Kemet's recollection of the group's formation, his strong ties and connection to skating and the skating brand D.G.K, and the rational or reasons behind their sometimes thought provoking lyrics. Enjoy! 

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Peace Kemet, how are you
Ancient Kemet: I'm good, peace to the gods and earths, Hetep Pu.

Wu-International:  So how did the LCOB journey start for you, how did you become a member?
Ancient Kemet: Well, it was kinda crazy me and Rasul Allah had already been friends and Sul called me one night and said he had an idea for a group and asked me did I wanna start mcing with he was already rhyming and shit but I was always a hip hop fan and grew up around it so I always wanted to write and perform my own shit, I was down from the gate.

Wu-International: You have been there from the beginning to now, how would you say the group has changed, grown musically etc?
Ancient Kemet: We have grown a lot through building, studying, and just growing as individuals going through life's experiences so the rhymes and styles got better, we always known what our sound was production-wise that's why it was important to us to induct key producers into the camp, they saw the picture we were trying to paint.

Wu-International: The second album saw the group taking on other aliases, Lost Children of Egypt, was there any reason you adopted or changed Babylon to Egypt and does the group still go by both names?
Ancient Kemet: That was to pay homage to the master teacher Malachi Zodoq-El, and yes there could be another LCOE album anytime.

Wu-International:  Since you are one of the founding members, we will talk about Amun’s departure and claims, what is your whole take on him leaving the group and how do you feel about that?
Ancient Kemet: I feel things happen for a reason, it was crazy, but we just had to keep it moving, despite that. He made his own choices, had his own motives, just wanna make it known no-one ghost writes for me, that's ridiculous nor any members of LCOB, dont give yourself that much credit!

Wu-International: LCOB first album sold out pretty quickly and was reprinted a couple more times and still sold out, do you think your group came into a niche or sub genre in Hip-hop that was not explored at the time, or was it something else that made people look for your music worldwide?
Ancient Kemet: I think it was more us being the representatives of a lost genre or chamber in hip hop that people failed to realize still existed we just kinda re-broke the ground again for that form of hip hop to be appreciated again

Wu-International: Your group has been labelled as being the fore runners for spiritual hip-hop, is that a tag that you are comfortable with or is it a tag that puts the group in a box you don’t want to be?
Ancient Kemet:
Yeah I can say I am comfortable with that because it doesn't necessarily put us in a box because spirituality as well as hip hop is like water it can adapt and become any shape it wants, it can contain many different subject matters hence the 911 album.

Wu-International: LCOB has gone from a small crew to a large crew with current affiliations in places like Canada, Europe, Asia etc, was this something you all envisioned when you started out or is this something that developed as things got along?
Ancient Kemet: I think it was always envisioned for the LCOB to become a worldwide movement because we have people all over dealing with issues whether it's spiritual, personal, political, or just everyday things that occur in your environment, and to be joined together with common interest and goals as far as hip-hop is concerned is dope!

Wu-International: So the group is dropping the new album Zeitgeist, what does the title personally mean to you and why did the group choose that title for the album?
Ancient Kemet: We are in the spirit of the ages, the age of Aquarius represents a whole lot in evolution of man, that big leap in our consciousness that takes us away from cardinal nature realizing our true spiritual selves. so the title fits well.

Wu-International: Having listened to the album, it was quite odd to find that you were not present on the whole album, any reason for this?
Ancient Kemet: Was at sort of a crossroads in my life at that time and made it kinda difficult for me to get time in the studio to record.

Wu-International: Also noticed that another core member Richard Raw was only on a couple of songs too, we never got back his interview questions, what is an LCOB album without its core members?
Ancient Kemet: It was just certain tracks just are geared for specific members within LCOB to bless more or less.

Wu-International: This leads us to ask about Breath of Judah again, he was also missing on this project?
Ancient Kemet: Breath of Judah basically stopped emceeing, he took a different path in his life.

Wu-International: Have to say from the outside looking in, its easy to see how one can assume something is going on within LCOB. Its you, Breath of Judah, Amun and to some extent Raw on the back bench,  what are your thoughts on that?

Ancient Kemet: That's a great assumption, we had deadlines to meet for completion of a projects and if verses weren't recorded for the projects and if some MCs weren't present at the time the squad still has to make moves you feel me? it aint nuthin big going on behind the scenes, cats just didn't get in the studio

Wu-International: Ok, thanks for those answer, lets move on, Rasul informed us that the group will be working on “The Appendices” next, have you started recording for that project already?
Ancient Kemet: Yes we are in the process of recording that project.

Wu-International: Ok, lets move on to you, Ancient Kemet is self explanatory, why are you called this though?
Ancient Kemet: I gravitated heavily toward the ancient kemetic sciences so the name fit me, then being known for alchemistry, as I am also the alchemist , my raps are alchemical equations transforming minds from tin to platinum!

Wu-International: Cool, so how did you fall into your respective craft as an emcee and how long have you been doing this for?
Ancient Kemet:
Damn like late 92- early 93,  a lil bit before we heard "protect ya neck" single from Wu-Tang Clan, it was crazy as I remember we got that directly from G-The Promoter himself.

Wu-International: Did you start off in a group, or as a solo artists, and have you been or currently involved in any other group outside of LCOB?
Ancient Kemet:
I was LCOB from the start, I will be be forever!!!!!

Wu-International: The music you pull out sometimes is breathtaking. It’s more or less just soaked with knowledge and meaning. Where do you find inspiration, to come up with such ideas for your lyrics or just your music in general?
Ancient Kemet: I don't know man I just get in zone go in the chambers and just write, the beat usually helps too I am inspired by a lot from my brothers in LCOB also, we motivate one another.

Wu-International:  Would it be safe to assume that you also like everybody else is working on a solo project an dif so can you please tell us more about it as in features, time line, title etc?
Ancient Kemet: Coming soon that's all I can say Ancient KMT fans wont be disappointed, just be ready to take a journey with me!

Wu-International: What else do you get up to apart from music?
Ancient Kemet: Skateboard also,  I've been into that since I was a young boy, I'm a Dirty Ghetto Kid, DGK affiliate of DGK skateboards owned by my brother Stevie Williams, Philly native and he is also LCOB too, he was there with us from the beginning, LCOB/DGK all day!.

Wu-International: Rasual has told us about DGK as well, we did not realise that some of you are heavy into skating, can you please tell us more about DGK? how it got started by your brother and your involvement?
Ancient Kemet: Well it was Steve, Rasul, and I with some other friends of ours that grew up skating, and one crazy hot summer in Philly, we were all sweaty and dirty and shit after skating hard as hell all day and my friend John was like the dirty ghetto kids and it just stuck after that, we were into graff too so we would tag it up also as our crew, when Steve eventually turned pro, he wanted to start his own company and naturally he called it DGK and with LCOB on the come up too it became a movement as we are all brothers.

Wu-International: So DGK is a skateboard company, and sells boards, accessories etc, what else does it do apart from selling skate related products?
Ancient Kemet: Does mixtapes periodically, so music, and films and other ventures are planed for the near future, DGK also stands and represents as a positive example for young skaters all over.

Wu-International: Why call it Dirty then?
Ancient Kemet: That is because anybody that lives in the hood and skates can relate to being a DIRTY GHETTO KID! ALL DAY!

Wu-International:  So who from the LCOB are also skaters apart from you and Rasul?
Ancient Kemet: Just me and Rasul and our native brother Corey aka DJ Ransum skates too.

Wu-International: Back in the days Skateboarding was more for Punk Rock kids, that's pretty much changed now, how well do you think is this current marriage between skating and Hip-hop?
Ancient Kemet: They go hand in hand actually, as far as skating being a sport and a revolutionary art form, hip-hop came into skateboarding as it grew in popularity and in audience, skaters listened to hip hop too, especially if it was prevalent in your environment. Some companies put hip hop in their skate videos that even made it more popular in skating so now a days skaters set trends that MCs, B-boys and so many other people respect, being original!

Wu-International: Ok, finally on skating, does LCOB contribute songs, music to some of the Skating events considering I have not heard it much on your music?
Ancient Kemet: Yeah we had some of our music on DGK mixtapes. If you see Rasul at any DGK events, you best be sure LCOB will be played there.

Wu-International: Ok, thanks for the answers, we are going to round up now with a quick word association, I am going to say a group/name and you would say the first word that pops in your head, for examples if I Say “Wu-Tang”, you may say “For Ever” okay? Here we go;
Questions: Egypt?
 Ancient kemetians!

Questions: Obama?
 Blessing & curse.

Questions: 9-11

Questions: 2012

Questions: The Bible

Questions: Babylon
 Baby Lion

Questions: Freemasons?

Questions: Religion?

Wu-International: Thanks, so do you have anything to add on to or share with the fans that have not been covered yet?
Ancient Kemet: You'll hear more from me coming soon. peace to the all the peeps that relate and feel where I am coming from I appreciate it!

Wu-International: Shout outs?
Ancient Kemet:  The whole LCOB fam, DGK fam, blessing to my family, my old earth infinite love! all Philly, love Park peepz! blessing go out to everyone, esp Wu-International.

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