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[West Coast Killa Beez Series #12]

Interview Date: August 2010

Published Date:  01st October 2010

Article and Interview Written By: Dark 7 Invader

Special thanks to JuleUnique, Skarekrow, and TCG Graphix

Day 5: JuleUnique (Da Monstar Mob) - Unique Jewels Interview

The resurgence of a new West Coast sound and movement is currently happening, this very minute, this hour, and right this second. The New West! We already covered a section of this movement, the Westcoast Wu-Tang Killa Beez, but this new movement is not confined or restricted to the stinging Killa Beez, what about the others that have been holding it down and coming out hard? What about the likes of Crooked I who most feel is a very lyrical mc that came in the golden era but still young and fresh and helping to resurrect that new West. Another artists that sits in-between both sections of the new movement in his own right is the youngest member of the notorious Monstar Mob, and once rhyme partner to Holocaust; JuleUnique, who can be considered one of the leaders of the new school.

Hailing from Long Beach, California, JuleUnique started up rhyming with Warcloud, and eventually meeting Skarekrow, Leviathan and Holocaust’s cousin Onslawt and collectively forming the group Da Monstar Mob. A promising underground group that had a strong following online worldwide without any albums out or proper promotions, JuleUnique used his time with the Mob as a training ground to prepare him for his intended world domination especially starting in the West. With members like lyrical sharp partners like Warcloud, Levis and Onslawt, its easy to see why JulesUnique is on the fore front of the new West today. JuleUnique broken down stands for Jewels, mean knowledge or shining, and U.n.i.q.u.e stands for Uni Quest 2 Understand existence, which is also knowledge and has been in the game for a long time at a very young age. Starting with peers older than him has put him in a very interesting positing in today’s game, still young enough to come across as an up and coming artists, but have been in the game for a long time, paid dues, established himself and came up during the golden era, making a name for himself when hip-hop was at its best and creative.

JuleUnique has been solo for a while now and pushing that new West sound, releasing free mixtapes online and on the streets to keep his name relevant, branching out to media and movie directing as well as other ventures under the culture, its no wonder JuleUnique is a name that will be standing against the greats when he gets the chance to reach his full potentials. In ending the Warcloud/Holocaust session as part of the West Coast Killa Beez series, its quite fitting to end it with another mc that is equally mic ripping as Warcloud but has not had that same exposure or opportunity.

With so many questions and request about the whereabouts of JuleUnique and Da Monstar Mob members or as a group, Wu-International caught up with Jule to find out about his experience with Holocaust, Da Monstar Mob, their fallouts, current relations.... basically every things Monstar Mob and Holocaust the fans wanted to know that have not already been covered on our previous interviews. But Jule kindly goes a step further, giving away his highly sort after street mixtape “Streetox” for free, and wait for this…  A Monstar Mob album, exclusively through Wu-international for free. This album contains all unreleased and unused songs as recorded by Warcloud, JuleUnique, Skarekrow, Leviathan and Onslawt around 2004 to 2005 and called "Da Monstar Mob Lost Tapes", So read the interview, download 2 free projects at the end and appreciate the skills and gift of Jules as well as await for the Holocaust to be free… Enjoy!!!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International:  Peace, how are you?
JuleUnique: Good, Real good, , I must say great… I feel like all the work I put in over the years was born in 2009, the 9.. Now Its GROWTH

Wu-International: Most of people that visit this site regular pretty much know who you are, but for normality sake, please introduce yourself again as in name, where you are from, your affiliation etc?
JuleUnique: The names JuleUnique and I am from Long Beach, California, West Coast hip-hop artist, Known for my solo grind as well as work with Scarekrow, Holocaust, yall might know him as WarCloud, my previous group Monstar Mob and the West Coast Killa Beez.. those that don’t know, GOGGLE JULEUNIQUE !!!

Wu-International: First things first, is your name spelt in one word (Juleunique) or separate words (Jule Unique)?
Right, its just one word, JuleUnique.. Let’s go..

Wu-International: What does JuleUnique mean or stand for?
JuleUnique: Great questions, Jules or Jewels mean knowledge or or shining, and U.n.i.q.u.e is Uni Quest 2 Understand existence, which is basically knowledge in a different form.

Wu-International:  Thanks, a great name.. most people would associate that name and how you have broken it down with someone that is a five percenter, are you part of the NGE?
JuleUnique:  Well, we are all technically 5%ers, We represent the percentage of people on the planet earth that are true believers and searchers of truth. So yes I am among the 5% of people, but I am a Muslim also, No associate and no partners.

Wu-International: How did you first get into emceeing?
JuleUnique: Watching movies like Beat Street, Breakin’, Crush Grove, etc.. Growing up in the 80's and seeing hip hop in its prime.. my older cousin’s a big influence.

Wu-International: You cousin was your influence?
JuleUnique: Well, there were 3 influences when growing up, my two cousins used to rhyme when I was younger I remember their names too, Dynomite D & AC LOVE, I use to spit all their raps and the 3rd person was my homie Dion Sanders (RIP).

Wu-International:  We heard of you through your massive contribution on Warcloud’s “Smugglin’ Booze in the Graveyard” project as well as a number of unreleased songs, how did you meet Warcloud and how did you both start making music?
JuleUnique: I met warcloud through Monk and Crisis, and I met the both of them on some street shit in mid 90's... Monk had a spot everybody would fall through and chill and be rhyming you know, everyday thing, and one of those days it was like 10 cats over there and we are all rhyming in a session and I just peeped this cat over there quiet and shy and I asked him, Yo do you rhyme? And he jumped right at it and went on and on, he came off so hard its hard to forget that day, now I know a lot of people think Cloud is sick now but he was sicker than sick back then, he was on that 'Back smac you so hard and all ya seeds will be born deformed” type shit from git go {Laughs} this was around the time the whole world was on some Wu shit, and Wu-Tang forever had just dropped and he just had that illest style that I have never heard before then..

Wu-International: One would have expected you to be part of The Black Knights collective then, did you meet Cloud before or after Black Knights formation?
JuleUnique: We all met at the same time.. and shortly after we met niggaz was on with Rza & the Wu, the whole West Coast Killa Beez was born. it was crazy... I was still in high school so I wasn’t around as much I was one of the youngest but as time passed, I hooked back up with them again and Cloud and I just clicked the most, hitting studios together every chance we had.

Wu-International:  Was this how you met Skarekrow who you have also done a lot of work with?
Yes, its funny cuz I met Crow a few times before we got up the way we did. It just so happen that Crow came to my crib with Cloud one day and we all just went to the studio and did “Guava Jelly Pool Shark” and “Observatory” I think that was the title, a classic now and that sparked a lot of collaborations.

Wu-International: You were initially part of the Monstar Mob and the roster has gone through so many changes, can you please tell us the full members of the group when it all started?
It was I, Scarecrow, WarCloud, Mantra, Onslaught and Levi

Wu-International: Why did you all decide to call yourselves Monstar Mob?
JuleUnique: This is my story on it, Crow had this beat before the group’s name was established, and he had a sample in the beat that was from a cartoon or something and thesample said “'All I have is my Monster Mob'', the beat was so fu$#kin DOPE! I would always be on it to Scarecrow.. Next thing I know we were the Monstar Mob.

Wu-International: So did you all record an album collectively as a group and if so whatever happened to the songs or albums? 
You know what, I’ma dig in the crates and leak some joints cos that shit we were doing at that time was timeless, we are gonna attach some of the downloads to this interview on some Monstar Mob unreleased songs {Laughs}, I got some of the tracks and Crow got most but I will get it to you.

Wu-International: That’s great, I think the fans would appreciate it, we can put it out though the site and if there is a demand for it, perhaps go for a few physical pressing like we did with the Wu-Syndicate release? shall we speak more about that after the interview?
Sounds good to me..

Wu-International: Back to Krow, it is common knowledge amongst fans that you both fell out on numerous occasions, can you tell us about this and if this is what led to you leaving the group?
JuleUnique: Definitely, that was the cause of me leaving the group, basically we all had different agenda's & ego's instead of just recording an album, and people started to feel a certain way when your not around 24-7.... and I was the youngest in the group and I felt like my vision wasn’t respected enough..

Wu-International: Ok, Cloud also seems to have left the group if he was ever part of it, do you know the reason why?
JuleUnique: Cloud was always the official unofficial member {Laugh} but he was busy working with everybody as well as doing his own projects and after a while he just fell into his own zone as we all did eventually

Wu-International: What is your current relationship to Krow or other members of Da Mob?
I am still in touch with Crow, I actually got Crow’s beat for my project I am waiting to smash on {Laugh} new shit is coming...

Wu-International: After Monstar Mob there were other offshoot groups within that circle such as The Parallax, the original American Poets, etc, were you involved in any other sub or related groups within this circle?
JuleUnique: Nah, I think that was more Pro the Leader’s thing, Pro and his crew. I did a few songs with them but I was only part of Da Monstar Mob

Wu-International: So what about the group Japetto strombli with you and Holocaust?
JuleUnique: Whoooaaa!!! How do you guys even know that {Laughs} Japetto Strombli was just me & War Cloud, We planned to do a project but never finished it, so basically that’s what all the songs me and WarCloud recorded together were called as in a project/group.

Wu-International: Warcloud has a cult following within the Wu and your work together has gained you same fans, how doe that make you feel?
JuleUnique: Well its a good thing.. But I’m not only a ONE type artist I’m more of an all around artist.. So its kind of a mixed feeling cause now I gotta break the chain and make a new lane for myself.. But I think fans would be able to appreciate all the music I do so for the most part it’s a good thang.

Wu-International: Very few MCs were able to hold their own on songs with Warcloud unless they had equal skills and you definitely held yours, what was it like working with him?
Interesting, he goes in with a book full of verses/rhymes.. so he kept me keeping my blades sharp for real.

Wu-International: Would you say you inspired each other or was there a form of friendly competition between both of you that brought the best out of both of you?
JuleUnique: Cloud is one of the illest dude I know, period! so you gone either drown or doggy paddle while he swims, I was just a good doggy paddler.. {Laughs out loud}

Wu-International: You have done a lot of songs with him especially on “Smugglin Booze in the Graveyard” can you share some highlights or memorable moments during those recording sessions please?
Yeah, sure, we once did this joint I spoke about earlier, “Guva jelly pool shark” and this was actually the first song we ever did together and this was on my born day 10-18-2001 or some shit, I would have to say that was a moment as every birthday I remember that song, Warcloud and all that experience...

Wu-International: What is your current relationship with Cloud and will you both be working together again anytime soon?
I’m pretty sure there a few unreleased tracks that may or may not see the day and to tell you the truth I've seen Cloud at a show I did with Cappadonna recently, and I must say the vibe was off. so I’m not sure why but I wasn’t feeling my dude. For the sake of the fans, I am sorry but I'ma keep it 100%

Wu-International: Understand that, You put out an EP with an unreleased song “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” some years back, you have already agreed to leak some Monstar Mob stuff, how about some Holocaust songs with you?
JuleUnique: Man I’m so past that, but then again I just might leak some of them, I don’t know yet. There are some Holocaust joints on the tape I will be sending you.

Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, hope we didn’t bore you with too much Holocaust questions? Lets talk more about your solo stuff, you are working on Soul’d out project, can you tell us more about this please?
JuleUnique: Yeah, Soul'd out is a whole new project I did with producer Beatzilla & DJ Warrior, something all the Wu fans would be able to appreciate and vibe to, that real hip-hop.

Wu-International: Is this an album, mixtape and what featured names will be on it?
JuleUnique: It’s more of a street album.

Wu-International: Why have you called it Soul’d out and will this also be a free downloadable project like Streetox?
JuleUnique:  Yep, it is going to be a free download, and the title is “Soul'd Out” cause its all soul samples, that Beatzilla specialty, and also its a big transition from Streetox, so some people might say I sold out {Laughs}

Wu-International: You also shot the video to the single in Atlanta, what was the experience like and why all the way to ATL to shoot the video?
Yea actually I’m doing my directing thing now, I’m directing music videos and I flew to Atlanta to do some work i just shot a video for myself while out there from my last mixtape Streetox... So any artist need videos check for me J Russell media.

Wu-International: Cool, You put out Streetox out for free at whooptonez.net some years ago, then there was 2011 update as well for free, any reason why you gave that album away for free?
JuleUnique: Just promo man, Build a new following

Wu-International: We are not complaining, so with a couple of features and mixtapes, when will the fans see a debut album from Jules?
JuleUnique: Mid 2011, I’m just going to drop video and singles until then.

Wu-International: Questions is why? Why this long?
Just finding myself as a artist, but I try to keep the fans satisfied by keepin some new material out, goggle JULEUNIQUE and you will see. 

Wu-International: So a real album is out of question then?
JuleUnique: No I will put it out definitely, I did put it out actually but you know my peeps say to me (record company) “record ya best music and then trash it” that’s how you make a classic and thats what I did {Laughs} but you can hear it on dat piff search (juleunique) U SEE IT DOWNLOAD IT,  DEFINITELY A CLASSIC NOW.

Wu-International: We will put it out as well with this interview for those that missed it, Before we end this interview, reason for this interview is due to the West Coast Killa Beez series we are currently running, and even though we interview you via Warcloud's tribute week, no one’s sure where you fit in within this collective, you were there in the very beginning but have not been associated with Wu as such, would you consider yourself as part of the KBG or a close associate or affiliate?
Definitely fam and extended member of the KGB, I just talked to Crisis from the Black Knight some days back, so expect some new music and videos from Juleunique & Black Knights.

Wu-International: Who else within the KBG are you still in touch with to date?
I still talk to the Black Knights Crisis and of course Monk, I haven’t seen’em in a while but when we do see each other we put the link in and keep in touch... 

Wu-International:  Thanks for the time and answers, any last words, shout outs, ?
JuleUnique: Yea big up everybody who still checks for JuleUnique, SOUL'D Out real music for my real hip hop fans ya dig? Stay tuned and keep up with the movement, shout out to KBG members. Wu-International, the fans..

Wu-International: Thanks very much to you for the great cooperation, and free leaks promised, one last question, where or how can fans keep up to date with you?
Check out the links below..

Thanks and stay tuned!!

Download both albums 

[Da Monstar Mob - Da Lost Tapes (2004 - 2005)]

 [JuleUnique - Streetox]

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