[America's Most Wanted (Interview)]

Interview Date: 30th September 2012

Published Date: 04th December 2012

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader & The Reccollectah

Special thanks to Myalansky


Mayalansky (Wu-Syndicate)

Last year we interviewed Myalansky (Wu-Syndicate) when he dropped his first AMW mixtape. Myalansky who was just released from prison, had wasted no time and had, besides the mixtape, started working on his solo album immediately. In the meantime he has released a second volume of AMW and now completed the AMW trilogy with the third volume which is now also available in physical copies. Wu-International sat down again with Mya to see how the work on his solo album was going and the possible Wu-Syndicate album which had been mentioned on our last interview. While at it we had a look at the album that put Myalanski, Joe Maffia and Napoleon on the Wu map back in 1999: “Wu-Syndicate”, as we ran down the classic album track by track to serve all Wu-Syndicate fans an interesting piece of history. Enjoy!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Peace Mya, how are you?
Myalansky: Peace guys, I'm good cant complain who would listen?

Wu-International: You wanted to release the third instalment of your AMW mixtape series specifically on thanksgiving day. Any special reason for this choice of date?
Myalansky: Not really just had to follow up and complete the final chapter of amw.com so thanksgiving was just a good time to strike....

Wu-International: It seems this time you will also have physical copies available for fans who want to add this to their collection? Where can they order it?
Myalansky: It can be ordered but if you in the street you gonna have a physical copy...my street team in order...but if they dont get it catch the free download link or email me ya info..pietnammusic@yahoo.com
Wu-Sydnicate Wu-International: Have you worded with Joe Mafia and Ocho again on volume 3?
Myalansky:  No doubt those my comrads ya dig? they family aint nothin changed wit that situation...

Wu-International: Any other features besides joe and ocho?
Myalansky: Mitchy Slick

Wu-International:  it seems you have added another diss track towards Pusha T?
Myalansky: He know what time it is....……

Wu-International: You are also doing a video for the track with some exclusive footage, can you please tell us more about this?
Myalansky: The footage im not gonna lie it seems to be hard to get in my hands but im workin on it trust me imposter video coming soon....

Wu-International: To date there have not been any reply from pusha, what kind of reaction are you expecting with these songs you are putting out?
Myalansky: Next question.....

Wu-International: Your first diss was towards da clipse but lately it seems your main target is just on pusha, are you in good terms with Malice? 


Wu-Int: Have you heard this track he did with Raekwon on Rza’s “the man with the iron first” soundtrack? It seems Pusha is in good terms with some of the Wu members?

Myalansky: Thats Raekwon and Pusha bizniz that aint got nothing to do with me.

Wu-International: thanks for those answers? Are you using classic beats again for volume 3 or do we get new music on this third instalment?
Myalansky: Yea the tracks are all classic aswell as present except one track produced by Big Will Kopnflip records song #13 aint did enuff feat Mitchy Slick

Wu-International: you called this your final chapter of amw.com, will you still put out other mixtapes with new concepts and titles or is this also it for mixtapes? 
Myalansky: Without a doubt their will be more mix cds infact the next chapter is devil's advocate vol 1.

Wu-International: Last year you were in talks with mook from wu-tang management for a new wu-syndicate album, how did that evolve?
Myalansky: Talk....

Wu-International: have you and joe mafia started at that album in the meantime and how far gone is it?
Myalansky:  Really solo projects has put that album on hold but we definitely going to srtike again!!!

Wu-International: Can you be more concrete this time about producers, features, concepts?
Myalansky: Underworld king is the 1st of a trilogy.....so there will be three volumes of this album..... The producers on the first album is big will kop n flip recodrs..... And Jon Vegaz tracksmith productions..... The concepts consist of the mobster mentality of myalansky bringing you inside the underworld remorselessly holding the bloody crown as king....

Wu-International: tell us more about your new label “wrongkind” and what about “syndicate entertainment’?
Myalansky: Unfortunately syndicate entertainment is no longer active. My new label is pietnam inc. But my new bizniz associate label is wrongkind records executive producer mitchy slick....we about to make shit happen 2013.....

Wu-International: You mentioned Mitchy Slick as part of it, we knew of ocho from the past as well, who is part of the new label?
Myalansky: Mitchy Slick is wrongkind records thats his movement on the west coast.. Im basicly a new arstist to the family.....

Wu-International: Last interview you mentioned taking up acting lessons, how was that experience for you ?
Its funny you ask because a few weeks after i enrolled I was shooting the video for tote gunz feat nlz on amw.com vol 2 and injured my anckle so I had to drop out.. The scene when I jump from the roof was real when i landid my anckle snap in the oppisite direction bone was pokeing out the side of my sneaker shit was brazy.......im still fucked up behind that shit....smmfh..

Wu-International: do you have any concrete film plans since those lessons?
Like i said that came to an end but im still interseted in that venture... 2013 lets see what myalansky do next?

Wu-International: A lot of fans consider the wu-syndicate album a classic album. It would be a great read for those fans if you could run down the album track by track in our resident viewpoints series. So just break down what you remember of the track, inspiration or who came up with the title, where it was recorded, who was involved, songs or guest features that didn’t make it, rza’s and the producers involved etc etc, would you be willing to do that now as a final thanksgiving present?
Myalansky: No problem.

Wu-International: 01: Thug War [produced by dj devastator]
Thug war was crazy because at the time i had just came home from doing a bid. My man Jamakin Peter was doing his thing and he introduced me to Dj Devastator at Daryls retaraunt in Norfolk... Dj hit me with a disc 'Where wuz heaven' track thug war track etc.. I took the disk and was in the lab bustin my pen and at the same time in the streets of portsmouth it was a war going on... My lil homie rip lil steve had got kidnap for randsome and was killed... It was ugly and inspired me to come up with that concept for that track.

02: Pointin' Fingers [Produced by Allah Mathematics]
Myalansky: We recorded this track at sound castle studio in hollywood.. Math bless us wit the track at Rza crib kenwood apt in Burbank CA.. We sat down twist up that shit and the results is pointin fingers.. Im saying dog?

Wu-International: 03: Global Politics feat. 12 o'clock [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: I remember it like yesterday i was sitting at the table burbank ca writing this vesre and 12 o clock walked in like yo I'm hoping on that shit.. I mean thats Ol' Dirty lil bro so we had to show the god love.. Got mad respect for Brooklyn Zoo.. Popa Chief, Shorty shit stain, Rasan the Zookeeper they some real NY street niggas no hollywood shit...dudes get it in...

Wu-International: 04: VA Cats [produced by Dj Devastator]

The night we laid this track ODB was buggin at the studio.. He had a session wit producers ready wainting on him for hours.. He pull up in the lex truck singing then pull off never coming back to record his album..we was in studio b sound castle and just thought on this track we should rep virginia being that no one had ever heard of rap artist from va that was connected with Wu-tang.. VA was the foundation for lot of off the record events ya dig.

Wu-International: 05: Metropolis [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Lol I was so high off that cali sticky green that night i passed out in the studio when i woke up it was day time and Joe Mafia had murded the track for dolo.. I heard that shit and was like aint shit i can do to it he had already said enuff.  

Wu-International: 06: Golden Sands [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: This is when all me and Joe Mafia was chosen to be the only two faces on the cover hodling the brand Wu syndicate.

Wu-International: 07: Crime Syndicate [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: This was like '97 we exchanged versis over the phone infact micky mirrors was suppose to be on the track but he had charges in new york....va and new york had the bridge up crazy.

Wu-International: 08: Were was heaven? [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: You already know this was my life story as a kid. Virginia brought opportunity for a lot of hustlers, i seen a lot of blood shed aswell as the glitz and glamor of the underworld.. My nigga jamakin pete gave me the track and was like this shit is diamond cut son i will nerver forget that shit.... I sat down for weeks wit that track trying to figure out what direction i wanted to take it...one night at my baby moms crib i was puffy on some grandaddy purple and the vision became clear as i listen to the track i could hear and see the pain of the struggle and the reality of not knowing really if there was a better place than the hell the ghetto given us for so many years... Where wuz heaven

Wu-International: 09: Ice Age [Produced by E The Dred]
Myalansky: Its crazy because actually Napoleon came up with the concept for this track and me and Joe Mafia just jumped on it like fuck it....

Wu-International: 10: Ghetto Syringe feat. 12 o'clock [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: This track was written in Cali, we was at the Kenwood apt.. Burbank Twelve O clock wasnt even on the track at first but La the Darkman was but some how through politics that changed... La the Aarkman murdered the track.

Wu-International: 11: Young Brothas [Produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: This was a time when we did lock outs in sound castle studio hollywood ca from 8pm to 8am. We was up all night wile devastator was cooking up tracks.. We heard this shit and was like yo thats it next thing you know we got verses laid.. Its crazy because that same morning we couldnt get back to burbank lapd had shit on lock because of the north hollywood bank robbery when two dudes was bullet proof down and banged out wit them choppers..yea we was out there at that time.

Wu-International: 12: Weary Eyes [Produced by E the Dred]
Myalansky: Once again I think Napoleon picked this track and I just hoped on it, we shot the video in Manhattan while Nas and Puffy was shooting 'you can hate me now' around the corner...as you notice in the video you heard Napoleon verse but he was locked in virgina at the time.

Wu-International: 13: Muzzle Toe [produced by Allah Mathematics]  
Myalansky: This was us saying we married to the mob or in other words the syndicate... Bobby digital was shooting his movie at this time.. Mathamatics threw us the track we puffed on some sticky and splash the shit..

Wu-International: 14: Ask Son [produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: Damn  I was locked up in cali for Rule allah power equality charges at this time and couldnt complete my verse. Chick tried to play a nigga but Old Dirty Bastard, Daddy O and Rza... Took care of that...so when i got out i finished my vers... You better ask son???

Wu-International: 15: Wings of Life [produced by Dj Devastator]
Myalansky: We was was expressing the flight we have from one level of life to the next.... Stair case to stage type shit figure deal me.

Wu-International: 16: Lutunza [Latunza hit] [Produced by Smokin Joeh]
Myalansky: Yo I was in Virginia when I wrote this shit P town my nigga was off the blicka... Niggas cribs was gettin rushed.. Adt alarms was worthless.. The wolves was lerkin crazy...jooks was a everyday factor hands down that was the way portsmouth laid it down niggas know....should i continue?

Wu-International: 17: Bust a slug feat. Trigga and ill knob [Produced by Smokin Joeh]
Myalansky: We wrote this shit one night at Shaq studio with Trigga from MMO, Him and his click hopped on it and we shot the video in Brooklyn...

Wu-International: 18: The hit [Produced by Smokin Joeh]
Myalansky: Yea the hit was witten as we exchanged versis over the phone then we went up in the studio and laid it.. Aint too many ways too describe the concept of that... It is what it is.

Wu-International: Anything else you would like to share with the fans that have not been covered already? Shout outs ?
Myalansky: Shout out to all, Mitchy slick, Wronkind records, Big Will, Kop n flip records... And shout out to Rza for givining me the opportunity to hold the W......new album Underworld king coming 2013... Peace

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