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Interview Date: 01st August 2011

Published Date: 29th February 2012

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader & Recollectah

Special thanks to the Napoleon, Dexter Wiggle, Childs and Shaka Amazulu



Last year we published the “Mark of the Beast Interview” with Napoleon where we discussed the VA’s Inkpen’s past, present and future. As announced then, this was only the first part of our extensive Napoleon interview. Even though we had already modestly touched the Illuminati Network project on there, we decided to keep the second part of this interview for the Wuminati series as it reveals a lot about this project.

No introduction needed for the man as if you do not know him by now, then you will never know and do not deserve to know especially if you are a Wu-Tang and Wu-Sydnciate fan. On our last interview with Napoleon his main phrase was "World Domination", haven gotten into the game at a very young age, he is still young and relevant today, worked with the biggest names in the  music industry, as well as on the streets, establised himself as a lyrical force to reckon with while forming his own inprints and company, Illuminati Network or WuMinati was an idea he and his associates brought to life in their quest for world domination, and according to Napoleon, he is not just talking one section, he is after  the radio stations on the commercial front as well as on the underground, with Wuminati targetted mainly for the underground and Wu-Tang fans and his solo projects "Mark Of The Beast" and Antichrist" targetted towards the same market that the likes of Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross and others are all part of.

Sit down to read interview with Da Kingpin With Da Inkpen, representing the South in this global rap force alliance along side Solomon Childs, Dexter Wiggle, Shaka Amazulu the 7th and a supposedly 5th hidden member. How did this collaboration come to be? How did each member get involved? Will you get a glimpse of the features involved? Who’s delivering the heat behind the Illuminated boards?  Time to find out, Enjoy!!!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Hello again Napoleon, fans want to know what you have been up to?
Napoleon: I have been working on the Illuminati Network project with my man Shaka, you know, Solomon Childs, Dexter Wiggle from the West Coast and also adding on and putting finishing touches to my project "Mark of the Beast" which was meant to be out the 4th of July last year, you know? That's it man, other than that, for real for real, just tryin to stay afloat in this crazy ass rap world, you know {LOL}

Wu-International: So you say you are still working on "Mark of the Beast"?
Napoleon: Yeah men, Mark of the beats, its going to be big, its here to coincide with the Illuminati Network project, so one comes before the other to set the stage, you know like in the revelations men, the world feared that, but its like the whole concept like computer chips as CDs and it gets injected into the consumers minds, know what I mean? so like you get the mark of the beats or a chip inserted into say your right hand or in your forehead, but I am presenting mine in a musical form though, kno what I mean? its going to be big.

Wu-International: So have  you found a label yet?
Napoleon: Like I told you before on the last interview men, I have been kicking it with The Chef,  and my man G visuals, that's my right hand man, you feel me? had a situation with Rae's imprint but I am shooting for the bigger dogs like EMI, because we got our own label also and you see the same way Rae be doing with Capone-N-Norega, you know?

Wu-International: Done any collabos with Rae then?
Napoleon: Not on this street album men, you got to realise the Mark of the Beast is a pre-album leading up to the main album "The Antichrist".

Wu-International: That's a crazy title?
Napoleon: Yes, ill right? its going to be sick men but its not what people think as far as the biblical Antichrist, I'm just bringing another whole new chamber to the game right now, you know?

Wu-International: Fans are used to hearing you on some street, crime, Mafioso type rhymes, will this be any different?
Napoleon: Well this is same ol, same ol men, for real for real, but updated. You gonna have the same ol' Syndicate style, but on a different elevated level. You will see I am more hungry than I ever been men, what people don't realise is that my partner who put out my last project with me "Kinpin with Da inkpne"  got incarcerated for his involvement in 33 million drug ring, so my life story and tales you hear on the album is all real, you feel me?

Wu-International: How well received was your last album by the fans?
Napoleon: For real, for real men, it was decent, but I feel it didn't get to the point where I thought it would get to though, it was not promoted worldwide like it should have had, I had mad features on the joint, I had Ghost, Jim, all of them, but it didn't do what I thought it would do due to promotions, you know?

Wu-International: Thanks, so lets talk more on the project, Illuminati Network, how was that born?
Napoleon: Yeah I got with the homie Shaka, you know, we been doing music for a minute, and we just brainstormed with different ideas and concepts, Shaka's a concept master, my plan was to have him as the international rep for Illuminati Network, but he came up with a concept that I was building on already as far as having different MCs from different parts of USA as in West, East, South and international, but taking it a step further and keeping it Wu, you know, Wuminati, keeping it within the fam, and getting Killa Beez from those regions together, just like you have in the comics Illuminati, where different superheroes come together to save the planet, you got 4-5 individuals all working secretly together under Wu to save in this case hip-hop or bring back its core essence, carrying on that raw hip-hop in Wu tradition, you feel me?

Wu-International: So how did you get Childs, and Dexter involved?
Napoleon: That was more Shaka's doing, he already been working with Childs and Dexter and told me they were down with it and it was a wrap, its a good idea for real cos we bringing a lot of different elements, chambers and styles to different fan base cos everyone got their own different fan base and chambers, you know, and that's how the Wu always do it. its like making a punch, you know what I mean? real tropical fruit punch, like you got strawberries, you got grapes, know what I mean? and that mix of all that goodness should just taste good, you feel me?

Wu-International: You have told us why you called it Illuminati Network, do you not worry about the negative attention the name might get and how people would or might want to associate with with the Freemasons or illuminati?
Napoleon: Well for one thing, I think the masses got the wrong idea and interpretation on what the illuminati really really is, they are just looking at stuff on the surface and they don't take time to dig deep to the core, kno what I am saying? but I named it that the same way I named my shit and my alter ego on this project "Da Kingpin wit da inkpen , Antichrist or mark of the beast", but there is a science to all that, for one I am the ink pen and my man was really the Kingpin, and it makes sense as one or different entity, my man was locked up and I use the pen to tell his story, same way with the illuminati network, its a network of brothers under Wu from different clicks, and affiliations workin together to  for one common cause, Dexter is Westcoast killa beez with the Black Knights, my man Childs been in different groups from Theodore unit to his own KMG movement, Shaka done been in groups too and you know my history with the Syndicates, people's view of Illuminati could be one rich family that controls the world, you know what I mean?  and apply that to us men, the Wu ruled the rap kingdom at one time and since we come from different places men, if we utilise our resources then we can control the music world.

Wu-International: But you got titles like Illuminati, Mark of beast, Antichrist, fans would say you are either trying to provoke or you are really into 666 topic driven music? 
Napoleon: Nah men, it has nothing to do with 666 men, because I am a street dude, as you already know I just came home from prison homie, but its just an expression of where my mind is at right now, creatively speaking, my mind is on some world domination right now, you got to look at my name, like Napoleon, he almost conquered the world, and I plan on conquering the world through my music. Everyone is bringing different elements to the music, I am that crime boss, organised crime beyond the streets and more on the political level, Childs is meant to be the street dude, and he reps the struggle, the street as it is, Dexter is the Dracula adding on that Westcoast feel and soul to it and Shaka is the warrior, and of course we got a secret member who runs and organises the organisation of the whole project, the secret member can be one of us or none of us, maybe all of us you feel me? {Laughs}.

Wu-International: Thanks for the answer, prior to this project, have you worked with Dexter or Childs before?
Napoleon: Nah not really, but I was looking forward to doing this project with them, they got rich history and on point with theirs so its been great from what I have heard them add on, Shaka's been responsible for putting everything together and I am mostly looking forward to the finished products. I remember Childs from the early days though.

Wu-International: How did you link up with Shaka in the first place?
Napoleon: Ah men, Shaka has sent me a message on myspace, it had to do with some work he was putting together for one of his artists who was interested in doing a logo or art work for me and we just kicked off a good relationship, know what I mean? and we've been kicking it now for like 4-5 years, I liked what he was doing and then the songs collaborations came, then came the idea for this project, and its been on since then, I mean between us we got about 40-50 songs if not more for his solo projects, mine as well as Illminati Network.

Wu-International: Thanks for the answers, saw Wu-Syndicates listed as a feature on the track list of the project some time back, what's good with you, Joe Mafia and Mya? 
Napoleon: Joe's my man, I mean I got songs with Joe, he is going to be on the Illuminati Network project, Joe's always my man, and you know Mya, we always clash men, so we aint got no songs together, I know Shaka got 3 of us on a song together but that's for his project, and that song will not be used for the Illuminati Network, kna mean? but Joe's on there.

Wu-International: So fans can forget for now the 3 of you ever working together on a song or even an album?
Napoleon: Nah... . Nah, nah..straight up men, I don't wanna do no more groups men, I am on a mission right now for world domination like I told y'all and I'ma be the one that brings the Wu back to the forefront, to the limelight because men, I am still young, I was 17 when I was with the Syndicates album came out, I was still in school homie,

Wu-International: What was your take on the diss song Mya did towards you?

Napoleon: Yeah I heard it, I laughed, you know when people do that i don't respond men, because regardless that's my man though, I wont even respond and go back and forth with him like that as it  becomes corny men, look what happened with Jim Jones and Cam, you know what I mean? and then after that they all get back together and it all looks fake, and I am not trying to get on no fake ass situation, you feel me? Mya is still my dude though regardless.
Napoleon Wu

Wu-International: Speaking of people Jim Jones, and  The Clipse were also featured on the Illuminati Network, how did that come about?
Napoleon: The Clipse are from VA so they are with me, you know I am a don down here and our peoples knew each other, so we got introduced and went into the studio and did a club song together for my first project men, I mean I wish we had done a better song together, but you know the VIP joint was something we were all vibin to at that moment so I had to bring it all back for a sequel, sort of like part 2 and get illuminati Network on there over a Lex Lugar beat, you know what I mean? I talk to Malice and Pusha all the time.

Wu-International: Jim Jones?  
That's the homie right there, Jim Jones, had to get him on the project also and wrap it up with WuMinati, know what I mean?

Wu-International: Please tell us more about the Illuminati Network album who else is featured on there apart from the ones listed above?
Napoleon: We got Clipse, Jim Jones, Joe Mafia of course,  from what I know from Shaka, Timboking, Holo Caust, and Popa Wu jumped on a couple of songs,  we got Lost Children, Birdz of Prey, Black Knights, Deadly Venoms, the god Lord Jamal and much more men,  the album is in 3 volumes so its all spread out.

Wu-International: What are the titles of the albums and when do you plan on dropping it?
The first dosage is called "WuMinati I: Novus Ordo Seclorum" thats latin for New World Orda, my man Shaka came up with the titles and it we got volumes 2 and 3 also ready.

Wu-International: Which producers were responsible for the beats?
Production was mostly in-house, our 5th member named Al-hajar handled the bulk of it, but we got heat from Spanish Jose, Lord Jamar, Krohme, I think this kid called Endemic from the UK got a number of joints on there too, Darkim Allah and more, Shaka got more info on this, oh yeah my mans Lex Lugar is on there too.

Wu-International: Thanks, any general make the cut?
Napoleon: Ghostface Killah is on there, he my men, I talk to the manager, Mike all the time, matter of fact, Mike got me a digital deal with Universal and shit, Tried to reach out the RZA men, he the one that gave me a break, and every time I see him it aint nothing but love though, but he a busy busy man, its hard to get him. Peace to Divine men, I fucks with Divine, still kick it with Mook, never had the chance to kick it with Power though, but shout out to the whole Wu.

Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, so what's next after this project and your solo project?
Napoleon: There will be volumes one and two of Illuminati Network, matter of fact I believe volume 1 and 2 are already or close to completion, I know I have finished all my recordings, you have to ask Shaka about that one, then there is Mark of the Beast and Antichrist. its going to be crazy this year.

Wu-International: Any tours planned?
Napoleon: Yo, I would love to come overseas man, I am waiting on Shaka to give me the word men, once Shaka tells me its going down I will be right there with the brothers, I just got my passport this year men, cos I am a felon and shit men, so they gave me hard time but now I am good to go, know what I mean? my passport is ready to go, and I most certainly ready to come out there and kick it with the fans. its time they got to meet the great Napoleon. I never got the chance to get to meet the fans and show them love overseas cos when the Syndicate dropped that's when I was incarcerated and I was on the back and right now I am in the front.

Wu-International: What else can the fans expect from you?
Napoleon: Working on a book, like an autobiography I am looking to get published called the true Hollywood story,  book is about how the shit went down with the music, and the relationships with the Syndicate, I am still mad to this day men, because we had a great album, it was a classic and I was not even here to experience it, know what I mean? but I have had to take the good with the bad and just keep it moving forward, you know?

Wu-International: A quick questions fans would like to know about the Syndicate days is if you have songs that's still unreleased from those recordings?
Napoleon: Yo men, its so crazy, cos I got a whole album that we never put out, cos we used to work hard, you know what I mean? I got a whole album I can just put together right now a whole Wu Syndicate album, and that's what I am going to do too, maybe call it the best of the Wu-Syndicates, songs produced by DJ Devastator and E Dread, Dread's like my right hand man, the one that made Ice Age and Weary eyes, he is still in the lab, he gave me some beats for my projects,. mark of the beast will  have some from him.

Wu-International: Would be great to put those out, the fans would appreciate some old vintage Wu Syndicate songs?
Napoleon: Yes, I am telling you men, its going to give you like the ol' Wu syndicate feel, that crime syndicate,. straight  up.

Wu-International: Thanks for that, any last words, messages to the fans?
Napoleon: Be on the look out for that Mark of the Beast, Illuminati Network and Antichrist.

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