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Artist: Bugsy Da God

Album: P.R. Terrorist Presents: The Terrorist Advocate

Release Date:  01st March 2011

Label: Napalm Recordings

Released Format:
CD / MP3 [Download]

Features Dom Pachino, Shyheim, Chapelz, etc

Written By: Bugsy Da god for Wu-International.com
Date: 19th January, 2011

Bugsy's album is scheduled to be released on the first of March and is overseen by his mentor Dom Pachino. Get a full track to track break down of the album by Bugsy as he talks about the how's, where's, what and whys of the project. Enjoy !

  1. Army Drills (Intro): I felt it was a great intro to start off the album. I had talked to PR about it and told him how I felt we should do it. This is PR introducing me to the masses. It starts off real militant like. There are 2 beats in this intro. I produced the first one where PR is speaking. Then after PR makes his introduction, another beat kicks in, which is produced by my dude LabMatik. I take over the introduction at that point and then just spit a verse right after. I felt it was a great way to introduce the world to Bugsy Da God.

  2. My Point of View: When I first heard this Pikk produced beat, I was automatically inspired. The beat starts off with a lil bit of singing which is part of a sample. It sings “My Point of View” in between time so the title was fitting. I just felt I needed to come real vicious on this one. 3 verses of pure mayhem. The beat kicks in real hard. One of my favorite joints on the album.

  3. The Sound of Guns: This song is produced by Bronze Nazareth. It was originally supposed to be the leading single to the upcoming Killarmy album, but all the members met up in Ohio and decided to let 4th Disciple produce the lead single for them. Nothing was really happening with this Bronze joint on their part so PR felt that it would be a good fit for my project. He decided to bless me with this one for my album and I wound up recruiting him and Shyheim to feature on it with me. Its a dope beat Bronze cooked up. I always wanted to work with Bronze and them on a track and this song was perfect to bring that reality into fruition.

  4. Beautiful Explosives: This song is produced by Hi-Fly. Real crazy beat! Fell in love with it from the minute I heard it. As I was writing to it, I was picturing a movie in my mind with this beat playing in the background and nothing but explosions all over the place. I got a few verses on it and I added in a few samples of people talking about explosions and such. It’s a real crazy track!

  5. Firestorm Rush:
    This one is a follow up to Beautiful Explosives. More like the aftermath of it. See, I pictured it like a movie so I felt I needed to make a track that once the explosions took place, you just see the result of it. All you see is flames and destruction all over the place and this one right here fits it perfectly. I dropped a few verses on it, just wanted to make it sound real crazy! Beat produced by LabMatik.

  6. Terrorist Advocate: Another one of my favorites on the album. I was chillin in the lab listening to a few beats and my dude Jewels Polaar hits me on the jack and he decided to send me a few beats. Once I heard this one I was like wow! I must’ve played that beat back like 20 times that night. I was inspired right away to write to it and I decided to make it the main track for the album. I leaked it out to the masses on youtube and I got a lot of positive responses on it so I was very happy with the result. I felt I had to come in real vindictive on it. The beat itself was bananas so it was a real fun track to do. Hook is real catchy. Feels kinda like an anthem to me personally.

  7. Raging Guns: I was building with my man Lord Beatjitzu one night online and he shot me over some bangaz and this beat was just calling me! When I heard it I already knew I wanted to fuck with it so he blessed me with it. I had some lyrics already written down and as I was going thru them, I was listening to the beat at the same time and I made my pick on the verses I wanted to use. The hook I wrote right there on the spot. Real dope joint!

  8. Dogs in Heat: I always told myself that if I ever made an album, I wanted to have a 4th Disciple joint on it. I had met 4th thru PR a few years ago in Brooklyn and we was at the lab chillin, listening to some joints 4th was working on for his project. He had played some beats afterwards and I heard this one so I wanted to grab that. I was building with 4th about it and we made it happen. Real ill joint! I wanted to get a feature for it and I felt that PR was a great fit for it, since he and 4th have that Killarmy affiliation. This was a dream come true collaboration for myself personally for the fact that I grew up listening to the Army and was a major fan of their music. I wanted to get Shogun on it but he was dealing with some technical difficulties so I couldn’t make it happen. Hopefully on the next album!

  9.  Guillotine Fiends: This one right here is produced by my dude Endemic. I had heard a few of his beats in the past and I became a fan of his production from the gate. I wanted to make it a Teraban collaboration. Just didn’t feel right without my brothers on there so I got PR and Chapelz on it, just rippin the mic apart on this one. We were in Chapelz lab in Staten Island and I had played this joint for them and they were on board to hop on it right away so we made it happen. This track was the foundation for The Teraban album we started working on from that point forward. Felt good recording it, especially after a few drinks LOL!

  10. Cell Diaries: Another banger produced by my dude LabMatik! When I first heard this beat, it felt like it needed a nice story to it so I decided to make it one. The concept is in relation to being an inmate locked up in prison and being in a cell writing in a diary about certain things that went down in prison. Detailing fights that broke out there and just missing the fam and friends in the outside world.

  11. Bloody Medallions: This joint is another favorite of mine. This beat was another one I picked from Jewels Polaar’s batch. This one kinda brought me back to the 96-97 era when I was living in Rhode Island and Boston and this type of music was out. I wanted to get some features on it so I got my dude Leathafase from Hillside Scramblers on it and also got PR Terrorist on it. It was like the Latin connection. Me and Fase go back a few years. We met back in 02 and I def wanted him on the album so I made it happen. Getting PR on it was a no brainer so I made that happen also. Str8 heat rock!

  12. Epiphany of Love: I made this track around a time when I was going thru a lot of personal problems in my life and love life issues with my ex girlfriend. It was a tough time in my life so when I heard this beat from LabMatik, I felt I needed to speak my mind on it. This one basically details the history of my previous relationship and the way things ended for us. It was a tough track to do, but I felt I needed to do it and once PR heard it, he loved it. At first, I wasn’t planning on putting it on the album, but he felt it was right for it so I ultimately agreed.

  13. Outlandish: Track produced by Stompboxx. This one was a fun track for me to do. I got my brother Trigga Clip on it. We grew up listening to 90’s Hip Hop so back then when I started writing at the age of 13, he was about 10 years old and I got him into writing lyrics also. I always told him that if I ever made it that I would bring him with me so this was a perfect opportunity to make that happen. We laid down the verses in my lab and made a nice song. It was a great accomplishment for me personally because it was something we both always wanted to do and once the opportunity came up, it was a wrap! I felt like we had came a long way and he was there from the beginning to witness my growth as an MC so it was just right.

  14. Guns, Roses & Caskets: This track right here was produced by LabMatik. Another banger for the album! I laid down 2 verses on it. Originally it was going to be a solo track, but once PR heard it, he fell in love with it and wanted to hop on it with me so we made it happen. We was in Napalm Studios in Staten Island just working on new material for his upcoming album and he laid down his verse for my joint right there. It was a productive day in the studio. We was sippin on mad Bacardi Gold also LOL! Got a lot of work done.

  15. Salute the General: This is a bonus track for the album. Produced by LabMatik. I felt like I needed to show my appreciation to PR so I made a dedication track for him. This pretty much details the history he had in the game, from when he started off with Killarmy to the present time with him running his Napalm imprint. It was a powerful track to me and it just felt like it was the right thing to do. PR brought me in under his wing and taught me a lot about the game so this was just something to show my appreciation to him for believing in me and my vision and also for the opportunity he blessed me with in being a part of Napalm. He made those dreams become reality so I had to show love to my big brother! Perfect way to end the album.

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